There are a lot of disposable vape devices on the market today, so you may be wondering what makes HELIXBAR unique?

For starters, we spent a lot of time researching what vapers want from a disposable device, and we applied that data to our first device concept. We tested many different prototypes by adjusting battery strength, e-liquid capacity, and flavor profiles, until we felt we got it just right. The flavors alone took us nearly a year to develop. Many variations were tested until we narrowed it down to a few dozen options. Then, a wide array of individuals was selected to test our devices and provide feedback.

So how’d we do?

Our early market research has shown us that our delicious flavors are the main reason vapers love HELIXBAR, and they prefer our flavors over almost any other brand. In fact, many say our flavors are some of the best vape flavors available on the market today. We spent a lot of time perfecting them, so we’re very happy our customers enjoy them as much as we do.

Another reason vapers love HELIXBAR is our device’s stylish design and finish. Extra care was implemented in our design process to create the perfect look and feel. Our philosophy is that if it’s something we’d want to use, you’d want to use it too.

Finally, we pride ourselves in our customer service. Whether it’s directing you to retailers or distributors, responding to your questions and taking your feedback into consideration, our customer service team is ready and able to help you make the most out of your HELIXBAR experience.


HELIXBAR is a Los Angeles-based vape brand committed to offering adults of legal vaping age easy-to-use devices packed with mouthwatering flavors. Our e-liquid is made in the U.S. and our flavors are carefully crafted by industry-leading mixologists in California.

Try one of our 15 delicious flavors today. For wholesale information, please contact us and we’ll direct you to one of our authorized distributors. For all other information, contact us here.