It’s time to take action. At HELIXBAR, we want to take a stand against underage vaping. As an industry, we need to stay united and help spread awareness. To prevent the sale of vaping products to minors, we are providing the following information below to help you stay knowledgeable and to implement responsible practices for your business.

Consumer Information

We want to do our due diligence to ensure that HELIXBAR and other vape brands stay in adult hands. The #No2Minors campaign is paramount to ensuring the survival of our industry, and we want to express our full support. It is crucial that we all take the proper precautions to keep HELIXBARs and all other vape products away from minors.

Retailer Information

We share the same objective as our retailer partners: to provide adult consumers with an alternative to smoking. In order to stay compliant with the FDA’s rules and regulations, we are providing important information as well as free #No2Minors material.

Current Select Restrictions

1. Check ID

Check photo ID of everyone under the age of 27 who attempts to purchase vapor products.

2. Selling Products

Only sell products to customers of legal smoking age (21 years old or older).

3. No Samples

Do NOT give away free samples. This includes components and/or parts.

4. Vending Machines

Do NOT sell e-cigarettes in a vending machine unless in an adult-only facility.

Compliance Check Inspections

The FDA is closely monitoring retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and importers to verify compliance with federal tobacco laws and regulations. When an Undercover Buy Inspection occurs, the retailer will not be notified that an inspection is taking place—the minor and the inspector will not identify themselves.

With nearly 1 million inspections per year—or about 300 a day—it is paramount that retailers abide by the rules. The Tobacco Control Act calls for the penalization of retailers that do not follow regulations. These fines depend on the number of previous violations and the time period in which the violations occurred. The current maximum amounts are:

2ND IN 12 MONTHS $297
3RD IN 24 MONTHS $594
4TH IN 24 MONTHS $2,381
5TH IN 36 MONTHS $5,592
6TH OR MORE $11,904

Note: This data may vary by location

Free Material