Wholesale Information

Interested in Wholesale?

At HELIXBAR, we wholeheartedly believe that our product is among the best in the industry. Our devices have gone through vigorous testing to make sure we provide not only a quality device with phenomenal flavors, but also a memorable experience for our users. If you’ve heard of HELIXBAR or perhaps have already tried our product and are interested in wholesale, we have all the information you’ll need below.

How Our Business Model Works

At the moment, we don’t sell direct – not even to vape shops. We are proud to work with a few trusted authorized distributors that handle both retail and subdistro sales. Currently, we’re happy with the small number of authorized distributors with whom we have established relationships, but we are looking for international distributors.

Who Are Some of Our Authorized Distributors?

Here’s a few official HELIXBAR distributors. Feel free to reach out to them to place a wholesale order! If you’d like a full list of distributors, please visit here to inquire with us.

Distributor Name Location Website Phone Number
All Day Vapes Gardena, CA alldayvapes365.com 213-267-8130
Demand Vape Baffalo, Ny demandvape.com 844-513-1003
EC Supply Inc. Baldwin Park, CA ecsupplyinc.com 626-618-6188
LA Vapor Wholesale City of Industry, CA lavaporwholesale.com 626-940-5677
Zee Wholesale Livonia, MI zeewholesale.com 734-744-8003


Want to Become a HELIXBAR Distributor?

Please be advised that in order to be considered for an authorized distributor you would need to purchase large quantities of HELIXBAR.

We are also looking for international (non-US) distributors.

If you meet the criteria and are interested in becoming an official HELIXBAR distributor, please visit here to inquire with us.